Antique Refinishing

Antique refinishing can be a delicate process, depending on the age and quality of the antique in question. There are some that are so old that fiddling with antique restoration, even for the purpose of repair, can be risky.

A good idea would be to take it to someone who specializes in antiques, such as our antique store. As an experienced antique refinishing company will be able to work on anything that needs fixing, all without causing any further damage. There are cases where you will want the restorer to make the target look new again. However, there can also be value in having an appearance of age. Talk to someone from our furniture repair shop doing the repairs to discuss what you want out of it; he or she will be able to oblige.

Those who are in need of antique refinishing or repair can find it at Dale's Furniture & Wicker Repair in Stuart, FL. We can also handle overall antique restoration.


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