Furniture Repair

Good furniture will last a long time. However, nothing’s immune to age. Eventually, something will break or get rusty. When this happens, you’ll want to find quality furniture repair to get the piece back to its former condition.

You always have the option of doing furniture repair on your own. This can work if it’s a relatively simple fix. However, more complicated cases may demand professional attention. That's when you can trust us as your local antique refinishing company to handle each antique delicately and carefully, to bring it back to working order and looking as beautiful as its original form. Our antique company is dedicated to making certain that any table, chair, or wicker style brought to us is restored to a classic look for your use and decoration. When clients think of antique refinishing, our name is the first that comes to mind.

If you live in Stuart, FL, or surrounding areas and are in need of antique furniture restoration service, there’s someone who can help. Contact us at Dale's Furniture & Wicker Repair to learn more.


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